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Our Firm

​Client Centric Counselors

John Houlihan founded the firm in 2006.  After over 15 years at large firms in Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle, John started the firm with a simple purpose: build long-lasting client relationships of the highest quality by providing exceptional and pragmatic legal services.  Initially as a solo practioner, and now as a small firm, our uncompromising focus is the success of each client. 

We pride ourselves on developing an in-depth understanding of our client's business, goals and people.  We believe that understanding allows us to bring more to the challenge than just pure legal expertise.  It allows us to look down the road and provide effective counsel on the legal issues and their intersection with the client's business.  We seek to be Legal Counselors to each client in the true sense of the work -- not just their lawyer or litigator.

​We assist our clients with all aspects of contaminated property, commercial real estate and land use issues.  More detail on our services can be found in the following pages.  If you're not sure we can help with your issue, just call.  If we can't help, we will do our best to connect you with the right firm or attorney to assist you.

We deliever our services in a small firm, entrepenurial model.  We are located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Fremont is an incubator for small business and a prime example of urban infill redevelopment.   It is not the traditional location for a law firm but it is an excellent one.  Fremont is a vibrant, ecclectic hive of entrepenurial, artistic and traditional businesses and cultures.  It is home to Google, Adobe, maritime businesses, artists, a craft distillery, entertainment production houses, independent coffee houses and restaurants.  

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